Bambuddha Grove…an unforgettable experience

As you approach Bambuddha Grove you suddenly realise you are about to experience something special. You will find this magnificent restaurant off the beaten track on the road to San Joan. Beautifully inspired by Balinese influences there is an amazing ora which encapsulates you, every corner you turn each of your five senses are ignited. The structure of this incredible place is in itself worthy of a photo…surrounded by bamboo, gold and buddha’s you feel as though you have stepped into the far east for the evening.

Owner John Moon has created an amazing ambience leaving you with a feeling of peace and serenity. There is a general tantra theme throughout the restaurant so expect to find paintings and stone statues amongst luxurious furnishings…conversation will most definitely flow in this interesting atmosphere!

The menu at Bambuddha is a mix of Mediterranean and Asian (MediterrAsian). You will not be disappointed with the array of choice on offer; the Tiger Prawns in Thai Sauce hit the taste buds with a balanced mix of flavours leaving you feeling it’s time for another Siam Bar signature cocktail…oh they are good.

Prices are what you would expect to find for a glamorous VIP setting where you will find yourself amongst a cool crowd of people enjoying the lush setting which you will most definitely want to return to. But, be sure to book in advance and I absolutely recommend the The Moonlight Lounge Pagodas for the ultimate VIP experience with friends…enjoy!



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