Making wise food choices!

I don’t intend to come across all hippy in this post,but the truth of it is us humans really need to embrace mother nature and harmonise our bodies back to what they need to live a happy and energised life. Food nourishes the soul, the body and the mind but we have lost touch with what food and nature provides and the endless benefits we can reap from them. Our world is becoming more complicated, populated and frantic with technology, that we become overwhelmed; this affects our well-being and sometimes leads to illness both mental and physical. If you can’t change the environment you live in or the job you do maybe you can start to make changes to what you eat which will help you to cope better with the strains of everyday life.

Food doesn’t just satisfy hunger it nourishes, protects, repairs and fuels us. We often look for a quick fix, or a convenient meal that requires little or no preparation and this usually results in consuming over-processed food, fatty or high sugar fixes that provide no valuable nutrients to help us feel good. You will most likely have had that sluggish feeling at work after you have eaten a ready-made sandwich or something similar from a fast food shop or takeaway, and perhaps you have not felt satisfied or have that feeling of wanting to sleep afterwards. This is because those foods are just too much for the digestive system to handle. The bread in a pre-made sandwich is often cheaply manufactured bread using refined flour and additives whilst the cheese is fake and has a plastic texture; because these ingredients are required to have a decent shelf life and look good in the packaging they add stabilizers and other additives which ultimately makes the food fake.

There are so many different lunch products available today in supermarkets and small shops which is good for choice but on the other hand these foods are not what I call real food they impersonate real food and marketing makes these products appear healthy and nutritious. If it has been manufactured on an industrial level, packed and transported half way across the country to your nearest supermarket or shop and the shelf life is still several days ahead then ask the question “how real is this food?” then look at the ingredients and if you are buying what should be a simple cheese sandwich, then surely the ingredients should reflect this!

How much attention do we really pay to what we are eating? We are so used to convenient food that we have forgotten what real food actually tastes like. When was the last time you had real homemade pizza, or apple pie, because if we all made the effort to try to make dough or pastry then you would realise that there is a noticeable difference between a manufactured pizza and a homemade one not only in taste and texture but in how it makes you feel after too. I strongly believe that ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ (a very common western ailment) is as a result of western diet and not something that just so happens to be!

Making small changes to your food choices a little at time will make such a difference to your health and well-being that it is worth the extra effort…I promise! I feel so much better when I eat real food and food that I have made from scratch. When I cook from raw ingredients I know what is in my food, when I buy a ready-made product I have no idea what is in it…if there are ingredients on the list that I don’t recognise how do I know what I’m putting into my body.

To not care about what our food is, where it comes from and what it provides us with, is to not care about ourselves.


One response to “Making wise food choices!

  1. Don’t worry, nothing wrong with being semi-hippie and taking care of yourself 😉

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