Paprika baked chicken, giant cous cous salad and broccoli



Chicken breast, place in some foil and drizzle a little olive oil on then about a 1/4 tsp of paprika,  dried oregano and season, fold the foil around the chicken loosely. Bake on 190C for about 25 min depending on the size of the breast.

Giant Cous Cous, can be purchased from most supermarkets these days, follow the instructions using a frying pan, when it has absorbed the water remove and place in a bowl and add: half the juice of a lemon, chopped tomato, and your choice of fresh herbs, I used; tarragon, mint, coriander and parsley, chop them up together and add to the cous cous with seasoning and a little olive oil and mix well.

Finally your choice of vegetables.

A delicious, nutritious and satisfying meal that took about 35 minutes.



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