Low Carb High Fat: The Best Way To Lose Weight and Stay Healthy


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This topic is fast becoming the hottest talked about subject this year due to many renowned scientists and doctors now supporting this theory and abandoning the ‘high carb low fat’ health advice.

Evidence from many years ago is now thought  to be wrong and was missinterpreted hence, why people are not getting slimmer but instead getting fatter. Since food companies swapped fat for sugar obesity levels have continued to increase even with the abundance of healthy eating advice available.

Having read a few books and now articles such as this one below, I am a converted ‘high carb low fat’ to a ‘low carb high fat’ consumer and I strongly believe that this is the way to move forward with health advice but as and when things will change, awaits to be seen.


I would be interested to know your thoughts on this subject especially if you disagree.



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