Energy Boosting Sunday Smoothie

Feeling a little sluggish today? In need of a post Saturday night hangover energy boost? Try this delicious smoothie to perk you up. My husband is feeling a bit sorry for himself today following ‘several’ whisky’s with a friend last night, so to get him up and out of bed I made him this.

Small handful of red grapes

One Apple

Two Kiwis

About 100ml of peach juice + 100ml of water (adjust according to how thick you want it)

Chop the apple up and peel the kiwi then pop in a blender with the liquid and grapes and wiz away until smooth.

Apples – are laden with health properties due their high vitamin, mineral, malic acid and fibre content. They are a good detoxifying fruit and also good for helping to lower cholesterol. They aid digestion and can improve skin condition.

Grapes – cleansing, alkaline and nutritious. The grape-juice diet has been around for many years used for all sorts of chronic illnesses. Red grapes are higher in antoxidants, particulary those that help reduce heart disease.

Kiwi – One of the richest sources of vitamin C you get can, also packed with beneficial minerals, in particular, potassium. They are often better when still firm as when left to ripen too much they tend to have an acetone after taste which I am not fond of.

Enjoy your little pick me up.


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