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Starchy Carbohydrates vs Non-Starchy Carbohydrates

By making a small change to your diet you can and will cause a hormonal change which leads to long-term fat loss.

Replace starchy carbohydrates and sugars such as bread, pasta and potatoes and cakes,  sweets Pastries with non-starchy carbohydrates such as certain vegetables and your body will react by burning fat instead of storing fat. Include healthy fats such as Avocado and fish and protein and you have a high quality calorie diet instead of a low qualiry calorie diet which leads to fat storage.

Low fat diets and low calorie diets can lead to lack of nutrients and fat gain because your body thinks it is being starved. Low calorie diets cause havoc with your metabolism. The key is to prevent hunger, with high quality food high quality nutrients that satisfy and nourish your body.

Not convinced? Read Jonathan Bailor The smarter Science of Slim. Very informative book with hundreds of scientific references from studies that prove this theory.