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Clean & and Lean Protein Pancakes

Clean & Lean Protein Pancakes

Clean & Lean Protein Pancakes

I love a good breakfast and these pancakes hit the spot. I use a whole food product called PURITION which is 100% natural and can be used as a shake, added to yogurt or used as an ingredient like I have here. Take a look at their website www.purition.co.uk.


2 scoops of Purition

1 whole egg

1 egg white

2 tsp of oats

splash of almond milk

frozen raspberries, Greek yogurt and a little maple syrup to finish

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and pour half into a small frying pan (recipe will make two pancakes). When pancakes are done turn out on to a plate turn off heat and use residual heat to warm raspberries through, add to Greek yogurt and dollop on top of your delicious pancakes…yum.


Starchy Carbohydrates vs Non-Starchy Carbohydrates

By making a small change to your diet you can and will cause a hormonal change which leads to long-term fat loss.

Replace starchy carbohydrates and sugars such as bread, pasta and potatoes and cakes,  sweets Pastries with non-starchy carbohydrates such as certain vegetables and your body will react by burning fat instead of storing fat. Include healthy fats such as Avocado and fish and protein and you have a high quality calorie diet instead of a low qualiry calorie diet which leads to fat storage.

Low fat diets and low calorie diets can lead to lack of nutrients and fat gain because your body thinks it is being starved. Low calorie diets cause havoc with your metabolism. The key is to prevent hunger, with high quality food high quality nutrients that satisfy and nourish your body.

Not convinced? Read Jonathan Bailor The smarter Science of Slim. Very informative book with hundreds of scientific references from studies that prove this theory.

Why modern food is bad for you

The human digestive system is not designed to consume the thousands of different food products and additives mass-produced by food manufacturers. The digestive system is complex, sensitive and delicate and i believe that the problems humans experience today (obesity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, skin disorders, headaches, migraines, cancer, hormonal changes etc etc) are all related to the food we eat. When I talk about modern food I mean processed food!

Modern manufactured food does not provide us with the nutrients we need; a pizza from the frozen food section of a supermarket only provides excessive amounts of fat, salt and sugar. Whole foods such as nuts, seeds, grains, fruit and vegetables are produced by the earth they contain an abundance of natural vitamins and minerals and fibre. They are real and alive and give us vitality. Foods made from whole foods such as pasta, flour, bread and oats are also good for us. Brown rice and pasta are substantially better for us than white because they contain more nutrients and haven’t been stripped of them. They fill you up for longer because they take the body longer to break down. White bread often states ‘added vitamins and minerals such as iron’, ask yourself next time you buy white bread “why are these nutrients added?” the answer…because the bread has no nutritional value without them and even when they are added they are not going to be as good as the whole version i.e. Wholemeal and when nutrients are added to food our bodies deal with them differently than if they were part of the whole food. Our bodies are being forced to deal with a synthetic material.

Do you find yourself constantly hungry, if your diet consists mainly of processed, refined, high sugar, salt and fat then your body will send messages to your brain that it is not satisfied and it needs more food. This is because it is constantly craving good nutritional food that it is not receiving this leads to overeating and weight gain. The obesity levels in the UK are continuing to increase but there is a simple solution and it requires the gradual change of diet to whole foods, food that has not been refined and reduced to simple sugars and bad fats, food that is a close to its natural form as possible. Whole food such as brown rice and whole grains will fill you up for longer give your body what it needs and you will benefit from it, include fruit and vegetables or a rainbow diet (choose food that is colourful) and your body will thank you for it.

We are after all a living organism…does it not make sense to eat food that is alive, vibrant and full of goodness!